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New springs


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Have a look on parts-honda.uk


I found the parts diagram for the springs/shock absorbers for my car there - FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER for Honda FR-V 2.0 SE-S 5 Doors 6 speed manual 2006


The part number for the actual spring seems to be 51401-SJF-014.

If you put that in Google I'm sure you'll find some. eBay certainly seems to list some.


Note that this is specific to my particular model. I don't know if the different variants/model years use exactly the same spring or if there are different ones.

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Hi, its all part of the mad dash to "net zero" road tax has gone up ridiculously - car insurance almost doubled - fuel costs crazy - servicing and repairs are a scandal !!!!

a neighbour of mine said recently " I will NOT be getting an electric car " and I replied are you sure ? The system has decided that is the way we are going ! I said if they increase road tax to £1000 and car insurance to £2000 and fuel cost to £30 per litre + you can no longer buy parts to repair ? your car ! what are you going to do ? She replied "get the bus" to which I replied "if you can afford it !

Our system is is crap !!!!

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