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World Shortage?

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Back in the day when I launched enthusiastically in to 'classic' Civic ownership, I fondly imagined that parts sourcing would be a doddle - after all it's a Civic, how hard can it be?

When my AeroDeck was attacked by the cat thieves, as they cut either side, I had to replace three sections as front pipe & middle scrapped (great). Guy doing the fitting (I don't enjoy fitting exhausts) couldn't find a front pipe. After a really lengthy run-around I managed to find what looked like the only option, which proved to be a poor fit putting the whole system out of line & it now makes a racket where it intermittently touches the underbody. (Just to mention, even the exhaust is AeroDeck specific).

One other example - idle control. Plenty of scope on this, but all cheap & nasty aka Chinese copies. Just for entertainment I asked a Honda dealership for price & availability; great news, they're still available, price of £680 + VAT!

Are the other three AeroDeck owners in the UK facing similar problems? It seems the combination of model rarity & lack of parts remanufacture is killing the cars off.

(If anybody has a shed full of NOS please let me know)



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It does seem that unlike some other manufacturers (e.g. Toyota) that Honda are not concerned about older model parts availability.
When a car model reaches a predetermined age then it has done its job and the fact that Honda cars live a lot longer than other makes is that they are made well in the first place.
Therefore, i think more by accident than design, the older Honda's are still around but unfortunately the parts are not.

Secondhand was always the way I went with parts for older cars and in particular American cars which you struggled to get parts for in the day so would visit scrapyards to find what i needed to keep the car on the road.

Nowadays, you can get plenty of brand new remanufactured spare parts for American cars and other specialist cars such as Jags and MGs. Unfortunately, Honda is not one of that foresight has considered so not 'new' parts coming through.

Have you also considered Rover parts as similar Honda models used in the Rover range (600, 800, 200, 400)

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Hi all, another reason is that the " System " has decided that you WILL have an Electric vehicle !!!! If you have an older car, have a minor bump the insurance company decide it is a write off due to 1/ repair costs and 2/ you will no longer be able to obtain parts anyway, and if you can the cost is ludicrous !!!! And don`t forget the " 15 minute cities - 20 MPH speed limit etc., " THEY don`t want cars on the road .

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Hi yes Alan gsd - what people don`t realise is the "lost taxes" as you say - Once petrol and diesel cars are done away with, the vastly reduced number of cars (electric) on the road - the prices rise accordingly as they are slowly but surely doing right now - the shortfall will have to be made up " somewhere " and that includes  amongst other things " taxation " the fewer the cars - the higher the cost to everyone, especially on electric car drivers ! If people look at the general PUSH to " Net Zero " now and in the future and do the maths - its obvious what the outcome will be - but people in UK do not seem to see that fact ! The rest of the Western world are now begining to see the truth and are reacting ( France in particular ) but our " system " brands people who speak out about this as " Extreme Right Wing " or " Climate Deniers " Yes the climate is changing as it has done for millions of years and will continue to do so no matter what we do !!!!  King Canute springs to mind - its only a few years ago we were being told we are entering a new Ice Age and we were all going to freeze to death !!!!

I don`t know what all governments are thinking regarding ( and I am NOT a Conspiracy Theory merchant ) but just cast your minds back to Diesel engines being the best thing since sliced bread ! and Government pushing people to go Diesel - they knew that particulates were a problem but carried on anyway - then years later flipped the other way - Or is it just me ? Anyway rant over, mark my words !

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What a great idea ! BUT the problem is " They " would not allow it !! Common Sense Fairness and Reality would not be allowed - people have been shot for less !! or worse - Guy Fawkes being a good example  🤭 the " System " can not be beaten !

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